Player Code of Conduct Season 2012

By becoming a member of the Marcellin Old Collegians Soccer Club players will agree to abide by the following rules and giudelines. If at any time during their/your association with the Marcellin Old Collegians Soccer Club  you have been deemed to be in breach of any of the rules contained within this Code of Conduct, by the coach and/or any club official, the club, through the coach/club official, reserves the right to take appropriate action as it sees fit for the long term betterment of the Club.

Players WILL;

  • Attend all training sessions and games (on time) as set by the Head coach. If unable to, players will communicate with the Head coach at least 24 hrs prior (or as appropriate).
  • Respect all Club officials and the guidelines that they have set.
  • Respect all players in his team both on and off the pitch, respect all opposition players and officials as well as all match officials.
  • Play for the enjoyment of the game.

Players will NEVER;

  • Direct dissent toward a match referee/official, opposition players/officials or his own team mates.
  • Argue with a match referee’s decision.
  • Use profane or vulgar language.
  • Participate in any behaviour that will bring the Club into disrepute.


  • That inclusion in any teams is at the sole discretion of the Head coach and may be dependant on attendance to training, attitude shown at game/training, actions on and off the pitch or playing performance.
  • That the coaches decision is final and should they wish to question these decisions, it be done in an appropriate manner and at an appropriate time.
  • That by playing for Marcellin Old Collegians Soccer Club, they agree to abide by all these guidelines.